How Do I Contact Blendjet

How Do I Contact Blendjet

How Do I Contact Blendjet. Track all blendjet® portable blender orders. We guarantee you’ll love it.

How Do I Contact BlendjetHow Do I Contact Blendjet
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A blend jet takes 1.5 hours for a complete charge and blends 15+ times with that. Take off the cover of the switch housing and the switch buttons so that you can see the screws that hold it in place. Always clean your blendjet immediately after each use to prevent food from drying and sticking to the blades.

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Perfect For Jetting Around Town.

You will be responsible for paying for your own shipping. Add cleanser mixture/ drop of dish soap into your blendjet blender cup. This is because the blendjet blender is all in one, and some of the internal components can get damaged when kept in the fridge.

If A Blender Isn’t Charging, You Should Try To Clean Out The Terminals.

I don’t want to overload my blender as the. However, there is a possibility of inactivity of the usb cable that prevents the blendjet from working. The fuse in a blender is located at the bottom part of the base.

Before You Can Be Allowed To Carry Your Blendjet On A Plane For Your Flight, You Have To Know The Right Way To Pack It.

The lid and strainer can be separated, and the jar can be removed from the base. The blendjet one is not only for smoothies. To clean your blendjet, fill the 2/3 jar with warm water.

When Blending, You Will Hear A Click When The Blender Is On.

Then i add my fruits. A blend jet takes 1.5 hours for a complete charge and blends 15+ times with that. To return your product, you should mail your product to:

Ensure The Arrows On The Rear Of The Jar And Base Are Closely Aligned.

Support usps, fedex, ups, dhl, lasership or 1001 couriers worldwide. Product/ service, shipping and delivery, payments and charges. Blendjet is a startup that offers a dropship service for products.

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